Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Fun is Just Beginning...

First and foremost, thank you for being crazy enough to read my ramblings.

Like seriously. I ramble a lot. Like, a lot a lot. I also say 'like' way too much to live in the suburbs.

I'm a part time student/part time nanny/part time recovery warrior. I volunteer and have no free time yet I still manage to maintain my sanity. I have a really big iPhone and a really small best friend. I have two dogs. Two parents. Two pounds of cookie dough to eat for dessert. (I'm kidding. Kind of.)

I love music. I play guitar, dabble on the piano, and sing. I'm in a youth trifecta of awesomeness, and every Sunday we sing loud music at mass and try to lead other people to Jesus. I have low key dreams of fully overcoming my stage fright, winning a singing competition, and hearing myself on the radio. But mostly I want to share my talent with others so that they can see God through me.

I'm addicted to Dutch Bros, Starbucks, and McDonald's french fries. I have an online shopping problem (My $150 Forever 21 purchase is evidence enough for this) that I seek *retail* therapy for. I spend most of my time and money at Ulta (which isn't really a problem. My beautiful skin speaks for itself) and my DSW habit (bad, but oh so good) has resulted in my shoes lining a wall since I ran out of room in my shoe tree. I love red meat. And pasta. and potatoes. And ice cream. And shrimp. And cookies. And cheeseburgers (Mm, yes. Cheeseburgers for the win).

But despite the fact that I can't save money for shit, I've discovered fashion is a wonderful gift. As is cooking and baking! Every morning, I wake up and get to make choices on how I greet my day. It's freaking fun to dress yourself up, put pretty makeup on, curl your hair, and wear sassy heels for absolutely no reason at all.  It's also perfectly in my liberty to put my hair up, wear my North Face zip up, and be content in the knowledge that I do not have to impress anyone. I control what I wear and what I eat and what I do, and it is fun. Life is a beautiful gift that we have been given! Eat! Pray! Love! Get fat! Get skinny! Get laid!

But in all seriousness, this blog has a point. A message to communicate, if you will. I'm a struggling perfectionist on a life long battle to love myself, and I've found a voice through fashion, makeup, and food. My message to you is that you don't need to be stick thin to love yourself. You can be fat AND fit (I know, who knew?) My goal for all of you reading this is to (hopefully) laugh and realize life is too damn short to just wear jeans everyday.

This blog is here not just for me, but for you. In me overcoming adversity (Yes, I will be one of those people that admits, being fat is not easy in a skinny society), I hope that you learn to be the best version of yourself, and have a hell of a fun time doing it. The best gift you could ever give yourself is not the Naked 3 Palette (though, I will admit, that thing is bomb), but to love yourself. I cannot ever emphasize that enough. With that, I bid you farewell. For now. ;)

Namaste, bitches.

                                                                                    Love, Lizzy